With a focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients, the chef demonstrates hand-crafted sizzling skills and delivers an enjoyable dining experience.
Akita Teppanyaki Specialist
8/F, QRE Plaza

Beard Papa's gonna fill your day with their signature creamy Japanese puff dessert!
Beard Papa's
Space A, G/F, QRE Plaza

Beijing Home takes you to a fast journey to Beijing and feel the local genuine taste! Apart from their signature dishes, the new Beijing Home demonstrates the charisma of the historical city through the details of its interior design and shows you the unique Beijing characteristics thoroughly!
Beijing Home
Shop 704, 7/F, Hopewell Centre

Located next to Cuisine Royale, Congee n Noodles provides you an extra dining option with their delicious congees and noodles.
Congee n Noodle
Shop 709, 7/F, Hopewell Centre

Offering authentic Cantonese cuisine with a delicate twist, Cuisine Royale famed for its Roasted Crispy Chicken and Grilled Suckling Pig Platter.
Cuisine Royale
Shop 701, 7/F, Hopewell Centre

Featuring a wide range of international flavours, Daddy’s Kitchen serves authentic cuisines from Western to Eastern. Diners can explore the diverse flavours with an intimate atmosphere.
Daddy's Kitchen
9/F, QRE Plaza

Spanish Café Espuma offers you a carnival of Tapas and Spanish delicacies, let the camera eats first.
25/F, QRE Plaza

Shop 1, 2/F, Wu Chung House

HERBALTEA, the ancient recipe of Chinese medicine, uses high-quality ingredients to produce herbal tea to enhance body energy and establish good quality of well-being.
Shop 705, 7/F, Hopewell Centre

Have you ever imagine how diversify and creative that a veggie meal can be? Moving to a sizable shop, Green Common will no longer be a grocery store only but also a green restaurant providing a series of appetizing green menus!
Green Common
2/F, QRE Plaza

Gary Kwok Flowers and Café is a premium and stylish parlour showcasing an exquisite array of delicacies, refined savoury bites & drinks.
Gary Kwok Flowers & Café
Shop 1706-1711 , 17/F, Hopewell Centre

Serving up authentic Korean BBQ, Han Ga Ram is one of the most famous Korean restaurants amongst locals as well as Koreans in town. Grill up varying meats from pork belly to marinated short rib; the quality meat and tried-and-true flavors always hit the spot.
Han Ga Ram
27/F, QRE Plaza

Featuring wood decoration, Hopewell Café provides breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, coffee and light meals crafted by our experienced Executive Chef. Lunch set meals include our signature dishes Hainanese Chicken with Seasoned Rice and Indian Curry, and menu changes regularly with selected Western and Japanese cuisines.
Hopewell Café
Shop 1701-1705, 17/F, Hopewell Centre

La Cucina Italiana refers to “My Italian Kitchen”, renowned for its Assorted Sliced Italian Cold Cuts and all sorts of Italian Pizzas.
La Cucina Italiana
21-22/F, QRE Plaza

Shop 322-323, 3/F, Hopewell Centre

No one can resist from the freshness and delicate aroma of seafood! Having a great desire for the genuine treasures from the sea? MISU Seafood Cuisine will be your destination.
MISU Seafood Cuisine
26/F, QRE Plaza

It’s all about craftsmanship, taste and creativity. All You can enjoy in NINETYs is not just a meal, but an unforgettable and unique dining experience! Be ready for the uncountable stunning surprises prepared by NINETYs!
Shop 2, G/F, GARDENEast

Pret has a mission to create, handmade, natural food, avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the 'prepared' and 'fast' food on the market today.
Pret A Manger
Shop 1, G/F, GARDENEast

Santonrini Greek Taverna is filled with the aroma of the breath-taking Greek beaches; the rich-flavoured Greek cuisine combines to create an unforgettable Mediterranean dining sensation.
Santorini Greek Taverna
5/F, QRE Plaza

Shop 317-319, 3/F, Hopewell Centre

Offering 360-degree view of Hong Kong Island, tasting a wide range of international cuisines and desserts, provides the most impressive wine selection for wine lovers.
The Grand Buffet
62/F, Hopewell Centre

Don't miss the restaurant's signature Japanese delicacies including tempura, omelette and sushi.
The Yuu
Shop 320-321, 3/F, Hopewell Centre

The century-old Italian gourmet chocolatier Venchi was founded in 1878 and committed to exploring the different exciting flavors of authentic Italian chocolate.
Shop 316, 3/F, Hopewell Centre

Strongly recommended by the TV gourmet program 'A Bite of China', its signature for Xiaoyu Pot which is full of red spicy 'Chongqing Red Chilli' and mixed with Da Hung Pao, Sichuan pepper, butter and dozens of fired spices, certainly give the ultimate spicy stimulation to your palate.
Xiaoyu Hotpot
6/F, QRE Plaza

This shows a new definition of an exquisite dining experience. From the interior decoration to menu design. Zither Garden is going to serve you classical HuaiYang cuisine in an extraordinary way.
Zither Garden
19/F, QRE Plaza
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